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General Information

The SISPAD conference series provides an open forum for the presentation of the latest results and trends in process and device simulation. The conference is the leading forum for Technology Computer-Aided Design (TCAD) and is held alternatingly in the United States, Japan, and Europe in September.

The next SISPAD conference will take place in Kobe, Japan.

Future and Past Events

Year Number Location
2020 25th Kobe, Japan Y. Kamakura and T. Kunikiyo
2019 24th Udine, Italy cache D. Esseni, P. Palestri, and D. Rideau
2018 23rd Austin, TX, USA cache F. Register and V. Moroz
2017 22nd Kamakura, Japan cache K. Sonoda and A. Hiroki
2016 21st Nuremberg, Germany cache J. Lorenz and P. Pichler
2015 20th Washington DC, USA cache N. Goldsman und M. Stettler
2014 19th Yokohama, Japan cache N. Mori and K. Sonoda
2013 18th Glasgow, UK cache A. Asenov and C. Millar
2012 17th Denver, CO, USA cache V. Axelrad and N. Goldsman
2011 16th Osaka, Japan cache K. Matsuzawa and Y. Kamakura
2010 15th Bologna, Italy cache G. Baccarani and M. Rudan
2009 14th San Diego, CA, USA cache K. Mayaram and V. Axelrad
2008 13th Hakone, Japan cache K. Ishikawa and K. Matsuzawa
2007 12th Vienna, Austria T. Grasser and S. Selberherr
2006 11th Monterey, CA, USA cache P. Oldiges and K. Mayaram
2005 10th Tokyo, Japan cache K. Taniguchi and M. Hane
2004 9th Munich, Germany cache G. Wachutka and G. Schrag
2003 8th Cambridge, MA, USA cache P. Leon and P. Oldiges
2002 7th Kobe, Japan cache K. Taniguchi and S. Odanaka
2001 6th Athens, Greece cache D. Tsoukalas and C. Tsamis
2000 5th Seattle, WA, USA cache J. Faricelli and P. Leon
1999 4th Kyoto, Japan K. Taniguchi and N. Nakayama
1998 3rd Leuven, Belgium K. De Meyer and S. Biesemans
1997 2nd Cambridge, MA, USA M. Law and J. Faricelli
1996 1st Tokyo, Japan T. Sugano

Conference History

In 1996 the first SISPAD conference was held in Tokyo as the successor to three preceding conferences:


  • NUPAD - The International Workshop on Numerical Modeling of Processes and Devices, held in the United States
  • VPAD - The International Workshop on VLSI Process and Device Modeling, held in Japan
  • SISDEP - The International Conference on Simulation of Semiconductor Devices and Processes, held in Europe